Tips on Finding a Qualified Local Tattoo Artist

  • Make sure they are health department licensed and use single-use needles.
  • Ask people in your area, that have good tattoos, where they go. The same names will come up – go there and check for yourself (they will also tell you the places not to go). Look at their portfolio of original tattoos and cover-up tattoos.
  • You want to feel comfortable in a tattoo studio, and with the artist, that you are going to trust with your artwork and safety. Talk to them and see if they seem like they want to do your tattoo. You will know if you are in the right place or not.

Helpful tips on covering up a tattoo

  • Work with a competent tattoo artist who has experience with covering up tattoos and always ask to see their Cover-Up Tattoo Portfolio.
  • Be smart when selecting your ink colors. Tattoos with dark colors are very difficult to cover with lighter colors – if you choose to cover your darker tattoo with lighter colors, some remnants will always be visible.
  • Great cover-up artwork usually incorporates old tattoo lines in the new design so the old design seems to disappear.