Frequently Asked Questions

Walk-Ins and Appointments

We do take walk-ins, but it is best to set an appointment. Please feel free to stop by the shop to check out our work, the environment, and set up an appointment. You can also call us at 937-767-7144.

Before Care

A few things you should know before getting your first tattoo:

  • Do not take aspirin or drink alcohol before getting tattooed as these thin the blood.
  • If you are allergic to petroleum products, antibiotic ointments, or latex, make sure you tell the tattoo artist BEFORE they begin.


  • Wear bandage for 2 hours after the tattoo is completed.
  • Remove bandage, rinse in cold water. BLOT dry.
  • Keep tattoo fresh and open to air. Do NOT bandage (unless tattoo is under rough straps/belts).
  • Tattoo Goo Brands Body Art AftercareUse: Tattoo Goo (Bacitracin, or triple antibiotic) 4 times a day or more until healed. Leave on 15 minutes, then BLOT off. Do NOT use Neosporin or Vaseline.
  • No direct sunlight or chlorine for 30 days. Use sunblock.
  • 1st week – No swimming or soaking in water.
  • Put Tattoo Goo on to protect from water when showering.
  • Keep as dry as possible.
  • After 10 days – Lotion daily.
  • Never rub a new tattoo – BLOT only.
  • Do NOT scratch a new tattoo if it’s itchy – try slapping tattoo.
  • Do NOT pick at tattoo. If you cause the tattoo to bleed, color comes out.
  • Sunburns cause a tattoo’s fine lines to fade and details can turn blurry over the years. After your tattoo is healed, be sure to wear sunscreen and protect the tattoo area from direct sunlight.

The end-results of your new tattoo, depends on YOU.

We give out Tattoo Goo with every tattoo.